Trellis Panels Suffolk

We supply and fit full decorative trellis panels and trellis fence toppers to sit on new or existing panels. All trellis panels and sections are pressure treated and can be made to your bespoke requirements.  We are able to get trellis panels hand built to meet you needs.  The spacing between each section of trellis can be altered and the orientation of the wood can be changed to create diamonds instead of square patterns.  The trellis panels can also be shaped to give a curved top in either concave or convex style.  These curved panels are often used to create a beautiful undulating affect to the tops of a fence line.

Depending on what you intend to use the panels for we would recommend differently spaced trellis.  A wide gap is ideal when privacy is not a requirement and is perfectly suited to allow plants to climb up the frame.  Alternatively, a tightly spaced panel will give a much more effective screen in terms of privacy and is ideally suited to edge a decking area or terrace as it gives a degree of privacy while still being see through and not spoiling a view of the garden.

Trellis panels and smaller sections of trellis can also be built into our bespoke hand built garden gates.  A section of trellis looks very good in a 6ft back garden gate as it will add an interesting feature while at the same time is an effective window to look through.  We can also build an entire gate from trellis which we frame in pressure treated timber to give it strength and durability. These are very popular gates within a garden rather than as a boundary gate.  We have built them to section of an area of garden for pets and also for protecting vegetable plots.

Please contact us for any advice or product information….we are always happy to help.