Panel Fencing in Suffolk and Norfolk

Panel fencing is a quick and relatively easy method of creating a solid garden boundary offering plenty of privacy.  Panel fences come in all sizes and designs and as standard we will supply pressure treated panels.  You also have the option of constructing the fence with either wooden posts or concrete slotted posts.

The most cost effective panel is a waney edge lap panel and the ones we supply are fully framed and have 3 vertical supports with heavy duty 5mm waney edge boards.  This makes them much stronger than the standard lap panel available to buy from most large DIY stores.

The variety of panels available for us to supply to you is vast.  As well as lap panels, close board panels are very popular and are a step up in terms of strength and durability.  There are all types of decorative panels, trellis panels and picket panels available too.  If you have a specific panel in mind we would be very happy to source and supply it to you.  Alternatively, we are happy to give advice and hopefully inspiration to find the perfect panel to suit your needs.

Panels come in 1.83m widths as standard and so posts would be planted at these intervals.  We can easily cut a panel to length to exactly fit your garden boundary.  The cut panel will always be fixed back together properly to maintain its strength and integrity.

Concrete gravel boards can also be used with this style of fencing and will slot into the channels of concrete slotted posts.  They come in 1.83m widths to match the panels and either 0.15m or 0.30m heights.  Wooden gravel boards can also be used instead and both types will increase the lifespan of a fence panel considerably.

Our primary supplier of timber panels is Nelson Potter Ltd …….to get an idea of the variety of panels available and their prices, please take a look at their website.