Closeboard fencing

Closed-Board Fencing
Closeboard fencing
Closeboard fencing

This method of fencing makes an extremely sturdy and durable boundary. All of our close board fencing components are pressure treated and can be constructed using either wooden (soft or hard wood), concrete posts or steel powder coated Duraposts. Capping can be added at a small extra cost to add a beautiful finish to the fence.

Closeboard fencing is available in a range of sizes from 3ft upwards and as standard comes in either brown treated wood or green treated wood. This type of fencing is one of the most cost effective fencing methods for creating a solid garden boundary. Sometimes this style of fencing is referred to as feather-edge fencing or weatherboard fencing.

Closeboard construction:

Closeboard fencing is a simple construction of vertical fence posts, horizontal rails, usually gravel boards and then feather edge boards. If using timber posts then we always recommend a 4″ by 4″ (100mm) post as standard as they are much more long lasting than 75mm posts for a very small extra cost. For a 6ft fence we would sink the posts at least 60cm into the ground and concrete them in place. Posts are spaced ideally at no more than 8ft apart. Rails are then fixed between the posts and feather edge boards are then attached to the rails with a minimum overlap of 25mm (1″).

Benefits of closeboard fencing:

  • Ideal for constructing a fence on sloping ground as the rails can be fixed on an angle and the feather edge boards can be staggered or trimmed to follow the garden’s contours.
  • Very easy to repair as the individual components are relatively cheap and simple to replace should they suffer weather damage etc.
  • Closeboard can be used to make a fence of almost any height as the standard height boards can be easily trimmed to custom lengths.
  • Very strong and long lasting. We recommend treating the timber every 2-3 years with a solvent based treatment to prolong the fence’s lifespan. All of the timber we use is kiln dried and pressure treated.

Examples of our closed-board fencing