Terms & conditions

By signing agreement to a quote, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

  • The customer agrees absolutely to payment terms of 5 working days after completion, no matter what payment terms they may have with other third parties.
  • agreed terms apply unless a formal agreement is confirmed by email prior to work commencing and by both parties.
  • An email or other form of communication is a act of agreement to these terms and conditions.
  • If payment is not forthcoming in the prescribed period, as above, hardman Oakley Ltd reserves the right to apply a 6 percent interest rate per two weeks, on a compound interest principle.
  • The materials remain the property of the Hardman Oakley Ltd before full payment is received. We reserve the right to remove stated items as necessary until payment terms are met.
  • Cheques will be payable to Hardman Oakley Ltd and should be issued to the following address: 24 Tudor Road, Rackheath, Norwich, Norfolk, NR136FX.
  • Cheques will be subject to an additional £15 charge due to business bank charges incurred for this sort of transaction.
  • Hardman Oakley Ltd is a vat registered compan and therefore VAT is applied to all quotes / invoices.
  • Wood can be subject to twisting, splits and distortion during extreme cold or hot weather. The company will not be held responsible for such wood twist / splits / wood distortion but would be happy to review any problems with the wood with a further quotation.
  • Hardman Oakley Ltd guarantee their workmanship for 12 months. Any faults resulting from proven poor workmanship within the time period will be rectified free of charge.
  • The estimates / quotes can be subject to change after two months if the materials or other costs change in that period.
    Quotes must be read carefully prior to agreement. It is the customer’s responsibility to check to quote wording before they agree to the terms.
  • Deposits may be sought for non refundable items such as bespoke gates.
  • Estimates are not legally binding as they are based on customer provided information. They may need to be confirmed by a site visit to be converted to a binding quotation.
  • Disposal costs will always be noted in the description part of the work and are unfortunately a necessary part of the business. However, all soil removed from the site will be the responsibility of the customer. Hardman Oakley are registered waste carriers and will dispose of waste at recycling centres.

Hardman Oakley Ltd will not be held responsible for any work carried out contrary to planning regulations. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure adherence to planning permission where needed.

If an agreed job is cancelled within 2 days of the start date by the customer then a discretionary 10% fee may by applied by Hardman Oakley Ltd to cover materials restocking charges.