Picket Fencing in Suffolk

This is a very traditional style of fencing where wooden pales are attached to cantilever rails with gaps left between each pale. Picket Fencing allows lots of light to pass through and so doesn’t fully obscure a nice view whilst still creating a definite boundary. The individual pales can either be round topped or triangular and depending on budget, either rough sawn or smooth planed. Sometimes referred to as palisade fencing.

Individual pales can either be supplied in brown treated timber or green treated timber. Pales can easily be painted with an exterior coloured paint to give the fence an individual look and style or to match the colour of your house.  We usually install picket fences in front gardens where people do not wish to obscure either the view of or from the house.  For this reason we most commonly supply and build low level picket fences of around 3ft in height (0.91m).  Picket fences can be built to much greater heights of for example 6ft where they provide greater security but still allow the light to pass through.

Because they have gaps between each pale, picket fences tend to fair very well over time as the wind passes straight through them.  The spacing between each pale is a personal choice and can easily be adapted to suit you and your garden’s needs.  For added privacy the pales can be spaced very closely together and vice versa.

As this style of fencing is built on site from individual components it is very easy to adapt the fence to the landscape by either changing its height or angle for example to accommodate a tree or by sloping the angle of the rails and pales to follow the contours of the land.