Picket fencing

Palisade fencing
Palisade fencing
Palisade fencing

Traditional picket fencing creates an attractive fence which can easily be built to a bespoke height and style.

A picket fence is built by installing a post and two rail system with vertically arranged individual pickets fixed on to the rails leaving an equal gap between them. This creates a low fence which can easily be seen through and which allows the wind to pass through.

Pickets can be either rounded or pointed on top but can also be cut square depending on your choice. An alternative to a traditional timber picket fence is a composite or recycled plastic picket fence.

These usually are supplied in panels but can be cut to length. These fences come in a range of colours including the traditional white picket fence.

A picket fence is a type of palisade fencing. Palisade fencing more commonly refers to a taller version of a picket fence and is usually constructed with 3 levels of rails instead of two. We also install steel palisade security fencing and gates.

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