Custom made gates, Suffolk

Here are a few examples of our custom made gates.

A standard off the shelf garden gate tends to be 90cm in width and of varying heights.  Whilst this will fit some garden paths and entrances it will not be an ideal fit for most.  For this reason we offer a custom made gate service where we will come and measure up and then build the gate in our workshop ready for installation.

All the material we use to construct our timber gates is pressure treated timber.  For added strength we can build a fully framed, ledged and braced gate as opposed to a simple ledged and braced gate.

The size of gate post needed varies depending on the weight and size of the gate.  We can supply and install pyramid topped gate posts in soft pressure treated timber ranging from 4″ diameter up to 12″.  Hard wood oak posts can also be supplied and installed.  We can offer advice on the length and diameter of gate post needed for any particular gate.

We can supply and fit all sorts of gates from picket gates to close board gates and field gates.  In terms of the height, again that is down to personal choice and most height requirements can be dealt with.  We can supply and install the metalwork such as hinges and latches too.